Larry Correia – The Monster Hunter Files Audiobook

Larry Correia – The Monster Hunter Files Audiobook

Larry Correia - The Monster Hunter Files Audio Book Free
The Monster Hunter Files Audiobook Download

Wow – this collection knocks it out of the ball park! An unclean secret of authors is numerous narrative collections typically just have one excellent story, and sadly you require to buy the entire publication to obtain that tale. And also of course, that has taken place a lot to me with a particular author in this collection … The Monster Hunter Files Audiobook Free. This reminds me of how Document Albums used to be marketed, where you had to buy the whole Cd for the one Tune you truly wanted. In this collection, thankfully, all the stories are a great read!

The stories are embeded in the MH (Monster Seeker) Universe that builds on the other publications in the collection, and a number of the stories focus on a specific character, such as Julie, Trip, Representative Franks, Chad, etc. The stories vary from a Kitsune in Portland, to the janitor at MH HQ, to Representative Franks during WW2. Sarah Hoyt did a wonderful job with Julie, as well as I expect her partnership with Larry in MH Guardian. The only tale I have actually reviewed in this book until now is by the author I purchased guide for to begin with: Faith Seeker. I turned ideal to that story and read it first.

The title of her newest narrative is, “She Bitch, Awesome of Sets”, as well as it is embeded in the Jane Yellowrock world, featuring (you presumed it: Jane Yellowrock – a 6 ft tall, rail thin Cherokee Native American with long, straight black hair, and also gold yellow eyes whom had been a 5 y.o. child on the Route of Rips). Jane is likewise a skinwalker, yet what sets her besides various other skinwalker’s (IF there are any others left) is the truth that she has likewise unintentionally merged with the heart of a women puma disadvantage shade (think an unintentional fusion dancing from Dragonball Z) whom is known as Beast. (Who is likewise best hunter!). Because of the resident big cat soul also living inside her, the within Jane’s head/mind can be an extremely crowded location, with the periodic debates at times.

If you haven’t read this series yet I extremely suggest it – but note my warning: it is very addicting! You will be absorbed right away, and commonly lose sleep in order to discover what takes place next. The series is filled with lots of believable, unique and also highly private characters that will certainly make you return over and over claiming to on your own,” Simply one more page … Phase … Book … “. I love the Monster Hunter collection as well as I was captivated to see how various other writers would perform with the material. I was pleasantly surprised. I delighted in every story however there were a couple of standouts:

Thistle by Larry Correia is a quick paced look into the Hunters we understand and like as they track a number of monsters they haven’t ever seen before. An excellent story that will shock you in its resourcefulness but additionally remind you of why we like MHI.

Little Problems by Jim Butcher (that is a much-loved author of mine) is a fun tale concerning a janitor/support staffer who can kick butt like a hunter, as well as his not likely collaboration with a group of rats.

In A Knight of the Enchanted Woodland by Jessica Day George, we figure out what happens when a girl sets fire to her college to destroy an educator (who was a werewolf) and is ultimately moved to a trailer camp, which is lived in by gnomes and also elves. The answer – insaneness!! I’m a substantial follower of the monster seeker series and also asked yourself how various authors would finish with this. Well, they knocked it right out of the park! It’s as if they have actually all been creating these stories with Larry. Generally when I obtain a book with various author short stories similar to this, there are some that are unsatisfactory. Not this book – each is an amazing story. I got this because I like Larry Correia books and also Belief Seeker and also both obviously were excellent tales! I enjoy how each writer made the Beast Seeker collection their very own yet liked exactly how Faith’s Jane Yellowrock took care of the beasts she came across. Larry Correia – The Monster Hunter Files Audio Book Download. I check out the reduced ranking reviews as well as have no suggestion why those people weren’t as delighted as I am with this. Maybe they just aren’t into monster seekers but believe me, these stories are truly, truly great as well as you will not be sorry you bought this book, especially if you are ‘into’ the collection!