Edward C. Raymer – Descent into Darkness Audiobook

Edward C. Raymer – Descent into Darkness Audiobook (Pearl Harbor, 1941, A Navy Diver’s Memoir)

Edward C. Raymer - Descent into Darkness Audio Book Free
Descent into Darkness Audiobook Online

Most Americans have some concept of Pearl Harbor however this book actually earns the trouble in saving those on board, increasing the ships as well as placing them back into service. These were the divers of the United States Navy, going into the dirty water so black with silt, oil, and also various other particles that they could not see, even with lights. They needed to feel their way right into ships being led by another scuba diver on the dive system by telephone. Fetching bodies, connecting openings, as well as raising the ships off of all-time low to be lugged right into repair service docks. All the time, in danger of shedding their lives. That the United States Navy had the ability to return so quickly to combat the battle in the Pacific can just be credited to these brave, young men. What a memoir of nerve and resolution as well as devotion to country! A book for every American to read. Descent into Darkness Audiobook Free. This memoir informs the story of this Navy Scuba diver as well as his work in salvaging and fixing the harmed ships in Pearl Harbor after the Dec. 7, 1941 attack by the Japanese. He additionally discusses his team as well as his time invested in Guadalcanal. Descent Into Darkness is an appropriate title for the book, as the water in Pearl Harbor was pitch black. I never recognized all this about the job that took place after the assault. Although the book was released in 1996 and Cdr. Raymer died in 1997, the book is absolutely worth analysis in order to acquire some understanding of work that was done to secure our liberty and protect against the Japanese from winning the battle. These brave divers were truly heroes.This Audio Book is just fabulous.Being an avid scuba diver myself I was extremely knowledgeable about all of the information and equipment being described in this publication. Some truths I really did not realize, as well as some recognized. Listening to the book offers the audience a real life experience, and also one of the primary qualities I have actually constantly wished for regarding life in Hawaii prior to, during and after the Dec 7 attack was just how life truly was for our servicemen, and for sure this books provides excellent as well as UPROARIOUS real stories concerning his life, as well as his pals acted, where they would live, and remain, how there nights out with “The Babes” was having me LOL, what they ate, and all the little information mostly neglected in Peal Harbor books and also or audio CD’s. There is likewise a very significant side of the CD, that is heart breaking and also down right serious. I ended up listening to this CD three times when even my wife chimed in to pay attention also.This is an effectively created, as well as strong first-person account of Navy Salvage Diving throughout World War II. The substantial bulk of guide occurs around Pearl Harbor Hawaii in the days and also months after the Japanese attack. Along with wonderful summaries of salvage diving in and around the sunken battleships in Pearl Harbor, the writer weaves in a great deal of stories regarding his personal life, the connections amongst the members of his dive group, their police officers, and also their exploits while on Freedom. The writer likewise spent a long time on as well as in the vicinity of Guadalcanal also. This is the most effective book regarding US Navy Salvage Diving I have ever checked out, however it is likewise among the most effective first-person account World War II publications I have actually checked out too. It is a truly fantastic book, as well as well worth your time.I read this book after being based in Pearl Harbor, which I believe made it that far more compelling. I could quickly put myself in a number of the scenarios described by the author, as well as I especially enjoyed his sincerity and also realistic way of narration. I might really visualize myself in Pearl Harbor after the Japanese strike, and the summaries of various policemans, fellow divers, as well as other “personalities” were totally sensible, relatable, and, in such a way, timeless.A fantastic publication illustrating an one-of-a-kind but critical part of the Pearl Harbor strike; the salvage of the ships, gear, as well as bodies of our seafarers. Written by one who existed. The author and his group developed the equipment and also methods that would certainly form the basis of US Navy salvage procedures to now by experimentation. Edward C. Raymer – Descent into Darkness Audio Book Online. The mistake usually caused the deaths of the scuba divers. Their nerve knowledge and also mechanical ingenuity is incredible. There may be just a few publications around on this subject as well as I think this might be the only memoir.