Thomas E. Levy MD JD – Curing the Incurable Audiobook

Thomas E. Levy MD JD – Curing the Incurable Audiobook

Thomas E. Levy MD JD - Curing the Incurable Audio Book Free
Curing the Incurable Audiobook Download

Please read this publication! I have utilized ascorbic acid (AKA vitamin C) for many years along with the whole food Cataplex C from Criterion Process (which is a real/whole vitamin C complicated). I have actually heard Linus Pauling lecture on ascorbic acid as well as its value. The missing out on item that this publication completes, however, is the crucial info on just how much to make use of! Wow! I had the flu and a microbial infection in my lungs when I started checking out guide. I got Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C from Amazon and got it the next day. The day in the past– when I purchased it– I can not even hold one sip of water down. The following day, nevertheless, I could. As quickly as I discovered my digestive tract tolerance for both the ascorbic acid powder and the Lypo-Spheric C, my health problem was gone. I mean it resembled a light switch had been switched on. Curing the Incurable Audiobook Free. I went from tired, weak and throbbing to well. Currently one caution. When I really felt well I recognized i had to maintain taking the Lypo-Spheric but I didn’t. I relapsed a little the following day therefore I once again took mega doses of these items. as well as continued to take them at reduced levels for the following couple of days without relapse. I currently keep both materials handy for the family members.

So the lesson is that there isa tipping point where some vitamin C is useful, however where the right amount treatments.

One more element of the book that is exceptionally important is what vitamin C can be utilized for. Basically anything viral, lots of bacterial infections, toxins, poisonings, as well as extra. There are several medical history included. When the author created the book, the principle indicates of obtaining excellent results was to use intravenous (IV) as well as venous infused vitamin C together with dental vitamin C powders. In this most recent edition of guide, Dr Levy introduces Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C at the end of the book as well as proclaims that it is extra effective than IV C (with some bookings). For instance, 5 g Lypo-Spheric amounts 100 g IV vitamin C and 10 g Lypo equivalent to 250 g IV C. Dr Levy became included with LivOn Labs Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C well after he had actually created the earlier versions of this publication. The tale is online. Healing the Incurable, Vitamin C, Infectious Disease and also Toxic Substances by Thomas E Levy MD JD

Written with an eloquent flowing design, this publication makes the instance for Vitamin C as an amazing medication that has been neglected by the clinical establishment. Although the masterpiece of modern-day clinical science is the invention of prescription antibiotics which remedies microbial infections, we have no anti-biotics efficient for intense viral health problem.

Dr. Levy states this is incorrect due to the fact that Vitamin C is a medicinal “antibiotic” for viral conditions when utilized appropriately in high sufficient dosage by IM or IV route.Although I am one to keep abreast of nutritional study, I had no idea that there were 50,000 Vitamin C research studies on document or that many various conditions had been treated with it. Nor did I realize that such large dosages of the vitamin had been utilized, with apparently marginal negative effects. However the book left me with unhappiness as well as regret that the medical profession has actually totally disregarded what might be a miracle compound in treating a myriad of diseases, as well as anger that there are few, if any, clinical (or various other) experts who know just how to use it to deal with disease. The visitor is delegated his own tools to utilize Vitamin C for self-treatment. A lot of people worldwide have no respect for the potential cures of many infections and conditions utilizing Vitamin C. Thomas E. Levy MD JD – Curing the Incurable Audio Book Download. Way too many of the large medicine makers have aided significantly in offering Vitamin C unjust therapy since there is no money in it for them. If the original research done by Linus Pauling had actually been replicated by qualified honest research facilities, Vitamin C would be made use of today for a wonderful much more infectious conditions as well as cancer cells. I have actually efficiently been treated with high dosage vitamin c IV’s for cancer with enormously wonderful success. This book reviews 1200 research study studies performed effectively with Vitamin C because the early 1900’s. A great deal of lives would certainly have been conserved by properly using as the study studies show.