Felicia Day – You’re Never Weird on the Internet Audiobook

Felicia Day – You’re Never Weird on the Internet Audiobook

Felicia Day - You're Never Weird on the Internet Audio Book Free
You’re Never Weird on the Internet Audiobook Online

I’m not a Felicia Day super-fan. I saw and also took pleasure in the Guild, recognized/liked her during my recent re-watch of Buffy, and also appreciate the few snippets and quotes I capture online. However my geekiness isn’t of the gamer persuasion, as well as I’ve never seen her on Supernatural, and I haven’t followed her Tumblr or Twitter or YouTube accounts. And yet … I kinda super-fan loved this book.

Also, I’m generally a little put off by memoirs written at a reasonably young age. I indicate, that composes a memoir when you’re only however-old-Felicia-Day-was-when-she-wrote-this-which-I’m- guessing-is-maybe-mid-thirties? It seems kinda pompous (yet much more pompous for me to object it!). And yet … 5 stars. You’re Never Weird on the Internet Audiobook Free. I’m providing this book 5 stars, despite the fact that my 5-star score has actually typically been booked for publications by C.S. Lewis that I check out as a flexible and passionate young people in significant demand of escape and also identity or publications that begin with “Harry Potter as well as the …”

This publication was just so freaking great. As a memoir, as a well-written publication in a well-captured voice, as a case study in creative thinking as well as psychological health and wellness, as a “you also ??” minute, as a “my individuals!” feel, as a quietly feminist story, as a resource of motivation as well as wit as well as remediation in my belief in humanity (even when faced with more proof of the dregs of humanity). So excellent.

I’ve shared/highlighted several of my favored little bits, but they’re much better in context. If you’re a person of the interwebs, a writer, a creator of any kind, a player, an individual of unusual rate of interests, a socially awkward person of a non-traditional academic background, or simply a person that appreciates unabashed interest, I believe you’ll enjoy this publication. Even if you’re not a Felicia Day super-fan. I was so fired up to read this publication from the minute it was announced. I included it to my Amazon.com wishlist and also crazily sufficient no one ever bought it for me as a gift so I had to buy it for myself. It took awhile, I understand. So please bare with me because this may be a long evaluation. Probably a great deal of babbling initially. Scroll to the last paragraph if you intend to miss my rambling and simply get a just review!

The first time I was presented to Felicia Day’s work was The Guild. I was in-love with it from episode one since it spoke with me, it represented my life during that time. See I am likewise a “woman gamer” and also I have actually played WoW since about 2007, periodically taking breaks but I always come back. That’s ten years … I do not even need to know what my/ played would certainly report these days. Anyways I related to The Guild, I liked it. In 2009 I was lucky sufficient to meet a colleague that was likewise a player as well as woman. While at work, sitting in our cubes side-by-side, we would certainly quote lines from The Guild to each other. So I am a big fan. I wouldn’t have actually even known Felicia Day from Buffy due to the fact that I didn’t also see Buffy till 2012 for the first time ever before. Anyways I think the truth that I am a fan of Felicia Day’s due to The Guild made me actually love this publication. Since her service The Guild as well as every point leading up to that is such a large part of this publication. However not only that. Her very early days as a player truly speaks me to me. I entirely connect. I matured with a sibling that is only 15 months more youthful than me. Maturing we CONSTANTLY played video games together. Felicia Day – You’re Never Weird on the Internet Audio Book Online. Seriously we were playing Frogger, Pitfall as well as Asteroids on the Atari when I was 5 or 6. My sibling always had the current gaming console, newest video games, I have actually literally played whatever. I even bear in mind playing Madden football with him, as long as he would set the weather condition to snow. Anyways I am getting a little off subject, the point is I loved that Felicia Day spoke about her early days as a player in this publication. Growing up you didn’t meet many girls that suched as video games. And despite the fact that it’s a little a lot more typical these days, it’s still kind of rare.